3 Reasons Why Nestle’s PR Campaign (#MaggiMuddle) is a complete disaster

While much of the company’s reputation was at stake owing to this one brand, a lot was expected by the response from Nestle’s CEO. However, the response served little to satisfy the queries being raised by the concerned. It was a classic case of little too less, little too late. Lacking empathy, it evaded honesty and disregarded the indian sentiment.

Back in 2014, Maggi was sent to Kolkata Central Food Laboratory; the results came out this April and found high levels of lead and MSG. An aspect that should have shocked the company and aligned PR campaigns should have already been in place; to everyone’s surprise, the company did not even respond to the FDA warning.

Sometimes assumptions drown us down; in countries like Pakistan and India, we tend to assume that controversies would die and no legal action would be taken. Nestle probably assumed that the government would be indifferent and this time would die out soon.

Following are the three reasons why Nestle’s PR campaign was a complete disaster:

  1. Poor social media response: No one wants heavy PDF files as response, it should be short and sleek on social media. Their robotic replies seemed like a joke.

  1. Blocking communication likes with consumers: This is probably the last thing a company would do to defend its stake. For over 2 weeks, computer generated statements were all that prevailed with no actual statements from Nestle.
  1. Denial: With a controversy of such stature, companies should acknowledge what’s going on. Despite the magnitude, Nestle’s global website fails to even acknowledge the issue.


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