Apple’s New Failure – Apple iWatch

The success of Apple’s Watch is still questionable to a large extent as the internet is booming with instigative mixed reviews. Apple wanted to revolutionize the concept of watches, it may be able to steer the direction to some extent but taking a 180 degree “N” turn to develop applications similar to an iPhone is where the developers are going wrong.

apple watch mockup

The iPhone was made a success owing to the convenience it offered followed by its applications. The watch application developers are adapting a similar strategy to a product that’s on a completely different tangent. The first batch of 3500+ applications tries too hard to do too many things, an exercise that is bound to tire the customers when they have the convenience of a smart phone.

iphone vs iwatch

It’s like having the diet version of the same food, you wouldn’t want to have diet food unless you have a weight problem. All who can effort the Apple Watch most definitely own a smartphone. It’s a simple fact that marketers needs to look into before further elaborating the same strategy.

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