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Airbus A380 – The Super Jumbo Jet's Potential Downfall

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Airbus continues its search for customers after a phenomenal downfall in sales. In the past two years, Airbus hasn’t sold a single A380 to any airliner. In fact, the leasing company that bought 20 of these superjumbos haven’t found home yet either.

Since its inception, Airbus has sold 317 A380’s as yet. Out of this number, a staggering 140 have been ordered by Emirates and 58 have gone to Dubai based carriers. Thus, the only customers this company ever had for such a product lay only in the Middle East. As the market saturated, the company’s concerns grew and they set out to new markets finding potential clients.

In an interview, Mr. John Rainey (CFO United Airlines) explained that it is much more viable for the company to invest in smaller planes like the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The preference for United is to ensure as many flights take place as possible. The formula is simple – high frequency ensures a clean win in the game on profitable routes. United currently owns the largest fleet of Boeing 777 and is expected to expand and own the largest fleet of Boeing 787 Dreamliner in due course of time.

What does this mean for Airbus? A company that had put extremely high stakes on its A380. If the company is able to find more carriers like the Middle Eastern ones that fly longer routes worldwide, they might be able to sustain sales. What the future holds for the A380 is a question that will be answered in due course of time.