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Is Investment In Gold Safe?

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This is to illustrate that all investments carry with them an element of significant risk; Gold was supposedly a safe haven in terms of investment opportunities. Although fluctuations were a norm in the commodity, it was known to follow an upward trend for decades. Investors are contemplating about investment in gold at this point in time where as some analysts including Morgan Stanley are placing their bets against the rise of Gold prices claiming that it may even go below $800 an ounce.

With so much investment buzz and the downward trend of Gold, it is safe to assume that investment in gold is just like any other stock investment with a high level of uncertainty attached to it. This has broken the common notion “Investment in Gold is the safest Investment”; the notion held true for decades until the ground broke lose in the current scenario. Plummeting below the $1,100 mark has raised concerns from investors all around the world and has proved that all investments have the element of risk attached to them.