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I'm a Jigsaw Puzzle

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As I was watching my 8 year old nephew playing with jigsaw puzzle, picking up its scattered parts and joining them together to give it a ‘whole’ or ‘complete’ look. It was a pretty difficult one but he took it as a challenge and rebuilt it. I wondered if that is what happens with us humans?

Yes it does.

Our souls carry burden of broken promises, pain, rejection and trepidation. Our eyes have cried a million tears, our wounds depict tales of agony, tribulations and toil. The lines on our palm trace the way to the scuffle that takes place within. The tick tock of the clock reminds us of those harrowing moments that wounded our feet.

We are like a puzzle. We want ourselves to be a ‘whole.’ But certain problems and hardships break us. And we are left with our broken shards. Nobody will come to save you. You’re your own savior. You need to assemble every small part of yourself and start rebuilding. You will fail once, twice, thrice but then you will be able to weld each and every part to give a ‘complete’ look to yourself.

You’re a jigsaw puzzle, I’m a jigsaw puzzle, we break ourselves just to bring out a better and more tenacious version of ourselves.