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A Letter To The Judgers

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A letter to the judgers,
I heard you people were saying
‘She’s divorced, what a shame for her’
Little did you know her husband was an alcoholic.
‘He prays in Ramadan only, he’s just a seasonal muslim’
But he was trying his best to improve his relationship with His creator, promising himself to be on the right path.
‘She goes to university, studies with guys, she must be having an affair with a guy’
She has no guy friends, she was passionate about her studies
‘She follows fashion, she’s not among the righteous ones’
Little did you know, she has a kind and a beautiful heart and has a strong relation with her creator.
With the slogan of ‘don’t let them live’ you pass these kind of judgments. With your pungent words and judgy eyes, sipping coffee from your expensive cups, sitting on a comfortable chair, you extract every hope of ‘living as they want’ from others.
Every face has a hidden painful story, has a story of struggles, a way of thorns, myriad tears, but you make up your own version of stories in your mind.
You have no authority to judge the girl next door, or a guy who smokes. You are no one to pass comments on anyone’s faith. The words that you spit from your mouth, are like an arrow that hits others so painfully. You couldn’t see them bleeding and their wounds. You don’t know their story, their struggle.
You compare others with ourselves, often putting others down to temporarily boast up yourself and something that comes instantly in our minds ‘I would’ve never done that’
How do you know you wouldn’t have done that? Do you know their story? Their sufferings? No. None of us. Place yourself in their shoes and then think. Judging others is a very easy and pleasurable task, but when it hits you, you, you are not able to take it.
Accept others, thier situation, as you want to be accepted by others. If you don’t like being judged, you would never judge others.
Stop judging and restore your happiness.

-By Sajal Waseem