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I Loathe Self Pity

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Singing the mantra of ‘self pity’ you let yourself be on the mercy of ‘fairness myth’, repeating again and again in your head ‘this is not fair’

You focus on yourself and feel sorry as you’re the victim of a tragic event. You feel as though you’re the only one suffering in this trenchant world. You destroy the castle of your happiness with your hands and let people control your life.

When a calamity strikes your life, you make yourself feel terrible. The most awful, disgusting, worthless little creature. You cover your life with the curtains of darkness and seal every tiny hole for any kind of light. You place stones in your way so that happiness doesn’t trace the path that leads towards your life. You drown in the sea of self pity.

Self pity, very easy to pronounce but once you’re a victim of this disorder, your will always feel sorry for yourself, always whine and complain. Losing patience. Drenching yourself into the deeper depths of sadness.

Little do you know, that you’re the only one who is responsible for your happiness. You’re the only who could remove the cuffs of darkness and feel free. Once you get to know that there are certain things which you can’t control, leave and tell your mind to stop thinking about it. You can’t control the circumstances, but you can control your life. You’re the only  who can control it.

Everyone suffers, everyone is fighting a constant battle within, it’s just that you’re being tested differently. Everyone is being tested. Be strong. Be thankful. Be grateful. Trust Him for every matter. And take charge of your happiness. Do what makes you happy. Don’t let anyone handle the rein of your happiness. Free your heart and soul from the chains of hatred, fear and ill feelings.

Hardships bring blessings in disguise. They teach you a beautiful lesson. Show you the callous realities of life and make you a more mature person. It’s your life, given by Him, you’re mot supposed to let anyone play with it. Let yourself heal and pick the roses of happiness from the meadow of lustre.

You’re not worthless, you’ve been created for a purpose. You can do something. Stop loathing in self pity.