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The Lost Charm of Printed Books

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‘Why don’t you use kindle?’


‘Why do you waste your money on books when you can read them online?’

These are the questions I often hear from people who are actually very solicitous about technology. Living in the 21st century, while we are chained with the cuffs of new technology, printed books are losing its place and charm as people find it ludicrous to buy books and take it as squandering of money. It is said that a time will come when Ebooks will totally supersede print books because people find Ebooks more comfortable. Tablets, iPads, kindle and nook have become a nightmare for print books.

While the real book lovers or who are fond of reading will always go in search for a good book, a hard copy. Today, it would be very dramatic to say that I love the smell of books and the rustling sound of turning pages is so mesmerizing. But only the real book lovers will understand it. There’s something in holding a book in one hand and a cup of tea/coffee in the other and dive into the world different from ours. Slowly flipping over the pages and getting lost in it, is an alluring experience and an Ebook won’t give me that feel. A shop flooding with a stack of books always attracts my attention and I’m always ready to spend as much money as I can to buy them.

For some people browsing an Ebook library is easier than stepping into a real library. A quick click can take you into a virtual book world, where you would not find the sweet scent of old and new books and the feel of holding a book in your hands. Moreover, you can also get free Ebooks too. But for me, spending every penny on books is the most pleasing experience. A good library unfolds different stories and different experiences. My feet automatically stop at a book stall and when I step in, I feel as if I’m on treasure hunt. Buying them for your room shelf and then decorating them with book accessories has always been the best thing for me.

In this modern era, some people prefer to drown themselves into the sea of technology but sometimes this sea never quiches our thirst. So they turn back to the real world. So with the advancement of Ebooks, the charm of print books should never get lost in the world of technology and materialism.

A book is a dream that you hold in your hand.

–Neil Gaiman