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To Your Imperfections

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Anxiety edges on your skin, when you look into the mirror. The monster of imperfection grabs you by your throat and you choke. You don’t try to free yourself, because you yourself allow it to haunt you. You try hard and hard to clout your imperfections to look perfect just to be accepted by the society comprising imperfect people.

The society of imperfect people injects you with the venom of the word IMPERFECT. So you do every possible thing to make yourself look perfect by using fake tools. But when the night arrives, your imperfections scream in your ear and remind you that you cannot hide your imperfections from yourself. The monster of imperfection sleeps with you but you’re so scared of it, that you scream at the top of your lungs and burst into tears. Your imperfections laugh at you.

You think everybody is perfect except you, but you don’t realize you’re beautiful because you’re imperfect. Your imperfections make you beautiful. One doesn’t need to cover them up because of this imperfect society. You don’t need to clout your beautiful imperfections, you need to learn to love them. You need to learn to love yourself . your frizzy hair or a broken tooth, your not so flawless skin or not so perfect waist, the lump in your legs or your two colored eyes, everything makes you look beautiful.

You are perfect because of your imperfections.