Burma Muslims Massacre – Where is God?

Often we Muslims are asked, if you follow the true God, than why are you suffering all around the world. Take the example of Palestine, Lebanon, Gaza, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and most importantly Burma. Where is Allah ? If he loves his creation more than a mother loves her child than how can He see His people being killed by those who don’t even follow Him.

The answer to this question is in the Holy Quran, Surah Baqra, Ayat 214, where Allah says:



Now before asking the question that where is God? Ask yourself, what have you done for God? Did you spread his message? Did you do what he asked you to do?

surah fajr
Surat Al-Fajr, Ayat Number 16.

Burmese Muslims are being massacred and what have you done so far? Rich Arabs are busy in their entertainment, Middle class Pakistanis are busy saving their jobs… Yes, we have become selfish. I remember the day when I heard the very first time about a killing of a person and the whole city panicked. But today, people are being massacred and the most we do is post on Facebook about it and hope for a miracle to happen. Yes, God have powers, He can stop it whenever he wants it to stop, but then what will be the reason of making this world? But if you think that this all will just go away, than you are so wrong!

surah takwir
Surat At-Takwīr, Ayat Number 8 and 9

Yes, you will be questioned on what did you do to save them?

Pray that day doesn’t come when we witness our own mothers and sisters being raped and killed in front of us.

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