China’s Applauding growth raises Indian and U.S concern

China, an economic giant in today’s scenario that has surprised the world with the kind of growth it achieved in the past few decades, has also catered to a phenomenal increase in military spending. In 2014, an estimates $216 Billion were spend on its military as compared to $50 Billion for that of India.

China’s investments have gone beyond borders; it has invested in port installation in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Pakistan and Bangladesh ensuring safe harbor for Chinese vessels.

Currently, China has the largest aircraft carrier in Asia with the ability to carry 50 aircrafts.

China’s inevitable growth has shocked the world; its dominance in Asia can be felt by countries all around the globe. China’s desire to become a dominant naval player within the Indian Ocean has raised concern by its rivals; especially India.

This concern was jotted down as an agenda and as a result, two of the strongest militaries of the world have decided to join hands to counter the threat. United States of America has agreed for a military cooperation that will allow India to use sensitive US military technology.

As a result of the cooperation, India hopes to complete two domestic carriers via US aid in the coming decade. The aid is a vital element in the success of its projects to counter the Chinese rival navy. The carriers would be followed by India’s interest in other state of the art technologies including General Atomics’ Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch Systems. This system is likely to improve the overall efficiency of the various vessels and carriers in the Indian Navy.

This partnership serves as a clear example of showcasing unease over China’s rise.



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