Eid Ul Adha

I woke up due to a strident sound which was piercing my ears and I reluctantly half-opened my eyes and saw the wall clock it was 7:30 in the morning. I looked around to see what actually brought me back to this cruel world from my peaceful deep slumber, which happened to be a mobile phone. I picked it up and wanted to throw it because it was guilty of waking me up so early in the morning but then I realized that it was my father’s cell phone. I imagined my father’s deadly stare and I got chills down my spine. I got up and looked around for him and wondered where is he at this hour? May be he’s gone for jogging? But then a shrieking sound of ‘something’ made my heart leap. What was that? I was still wondering what is actually going on? I couldn’t find anyone. Where’s my father? Where’s my brother? Mamma? These questions were continuously disturbing my mind and I held my head and was about to start crying. They’ve left me.. They are gone. A sound from a mosque brought me back from my dramatic world and that moment I realized what’s actually going on. I saw my mother coming down from upstairs and smiled at me and said happily

‘Eid Mubarak!’

I smiled back at her. And realized the shrieking sound of ‘something’ was the last prayer of a goat ready for ‘qurbani’ (sacrifice). My father and brother had gone for Eid prayers. The imam of mosque was busy in giving Eid sermon. I took a deep breath, a familiar Eid Ul Adha whiff reached my nostrils. And I almost puked because I’m one of those who can eat meat but cannot touch it and who ‘Ewwws’ because of its smell. (My mother hates me for this)

But this irritating whiff of meat is the omen of this blessed occasion reminding us of the beautiful sacrifice of Hazrat Ibrahim(A.S) and asking us to sacrifice our ego and worldly attachments. I whispered happily;

‘Eid Mubarak’

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