Top 6 Places To Visit in Dubai

A safe haven for many investors and one of the most popular tourist destination of today, Dubai is an engineering marvel, a masterpiece of perfection that has broken records and aims for further high horizons of success. Lets take a look at the top six places to visit in Dubai that have aided in the reputation it enjoys today:

1. Burj Al Khalifa


To further enhance an outlook for an ultra-modern city, Dubai has created the world’s tallest building which is visually striking. The marvelous view followed by the erotic fountains that follow are not something to miss on your visit to Dubai.

2. The Palm Islands

palm islands

What to do when success overwhelms you and you fear running out of space? The sea is the limit! Dubai’s recent expansion into water through the palm island has defied all records and the gradient towards further progress is steeply positive.

3. Desert Safari

Craving for thrill and adventure in Dubai? Desert Safari is the place for you. While sky diving, scooba diving and other adventurous sports are offered worldwide, Desert Safari provides a unique mannar to experience the essence of Dubai. Built out on the sultry desert, you can explore the past of Dubai.

4. The Dubai Mall

Fond of shopping? How about we offer you to chose and shop from 635 different retailers under the same roof? That is the scale of how big the Dubai Mall is. Equivalent to the size of over 50 football stadiums, it is by far the largest mall of the world.

5. Burj Al-Arab

One of the few old engineering marvels that made Dubai a success still enjoys the reputation of being the world’s 7-star hotel.

6. Gold Souk and Global Village

gold sauk

Wish to be dazzled by glitter and opulence of gold ornaments? Want to enjoy the sheer luxury of socializing amongst 36 different cultures of the world? Gold Souk offers just that! It provides an opportunity to shop products of various countries, taste their cousins and enjoy the experience of their cultural feel.

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