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Cultivate The True You

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What if they reject me?

They won’t like me.

Am I good enough for this or that?

If I do this or that what would people think of me?

Questioning ourselves we often complicate our lives. That happens because we want to live upto society’s standards. Whatever society asks you to do, it becomes a moral duty and if you won’t fulfil it, it would be considered as a heinous crime.

We always want people’s appreciation, we want them to think of us as one of them. By being true to yourself and going against the society, you don’t want to become a companion of loneliness. You don’t want others to think that you can’t ‘fit in’ as though you’re an alien. You lock up your mouths and never give words to your thoughts. The reason being that you have always been taught to be a part of your Society, you are a part of this or that community you need to follow certain rules or if you would go against them, people will disown you. So you ignore what your heart is trying to tell you and ignore the rhythm of your heart beat because it tries to sing a different melody and you can’t afford being different and being true to yourself.

Being true to yourself and being who you are , is a charming mantra but why is it so difficult to apply in everyday life? Why does it seem so fascinating to gain others’ appreciation? Why can’t you be true to yourself? Why can’t you let your heart sing a different melody? Why can’t you let your mind take a drive to a different destination? Living upto people’s standards won’t make you happy. Your real happiness is in being true to yourself, to feel beautiful in your own skin.

At some point you think it’s necessary to make eveyone happy. But you can’t, it’s nearly immposible. And if you succeed you must ask yourself ‘Am I happy?’ And if your heart doesn’t answer, your mind is not able to think, and you feel as if you’re betraying your own soul then you must rethink.

Your happiness is more important for your inner peace. So cultivate the true you.

be yourself