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Redefine Your Rejection

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A word so simple to pronounce but when it batters you, it tears you apart and splits your soul into two halves. Your mind wouldn’t stop thinking about it. You blame yourself for every thing. You would feel as though you’re alone to pick up your broken shards. Anxiety edges on your skin and you can’t see anything but darkness  You feel as though there’s no light at the end of the tunnel.

Be it any type of rejection. Social rejection, rejection from the best college, rejection from someone. Rejection is not a failure.

Rejection is not your trounce.

Rejection does not break you, it rebuilds you.

It drives you towards something better, it allows you to acknowledge your flaws and become strong. It allows you to fight the constant scuffle within. It permits you to endeavor for more. The only default is in your perception. If you take it as a ludicrous and ignominious  fiasco, you will break yourself and if you take it as a lesson you will walk on the path of rebuilding yourself.

Rejection is just a steppingstone guiding us towards success.

Love yourself for you who you are. Don’t let yourself dive into the sea of pain of rejection. Feel what the universe is trying to tell you. Let your heart sing your favorite song. Don’t let your fragile smile shrivel. Don’t let yourself stray from the right destination.

Don’t give the rein of your happiness into anyone’s hand.

Rebuild yourself.

Redefine your rejection.