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The tick tock of the clock,

The Rustling of leaves, 

The breeze,

The cocoon of my heart,

Everything just wanted to be still. Everything just wanted to be at peace. Anxiety, with its long teeth and hands, struck me. Darkness devoured my soul, I couldn’t see anything. Clouds of hatred guzzled my heart. I put hands on my ears and screeched. The annoying jingles were hurting my ears. 

I was alone in the ocean of hate. Darkness was my only companion. There was no light. The boat of my heart was sinking in the ocean. And I let it sink because I was so consumed by this hatred in me that I let myself sink. I let my world descend in darkness. 

What am I getting in return ? 

Nothing. Zero. 

I was about to sink then something held my hand pulled me up I tried to look, it was too dazzling. It was such a peaceful sight. After pulling me up it tried to fix the sinking boat of my heart. I always protest, but it puts my soul at ease. It heals my heart. It brings my heart out of the ocean of hate and shows me the way to my home. It tries to brighten my world and promises me to fix my heart boat completely. 

When I asked its name, it was forgiveness. 

Yes. Forgiveness heals your heart and helps you to see things in a more positive way and clears up your view. Gives you a ray of hope to move on. 

Forgive others for your happiness.