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Should You Stop Trying?

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Having found speed, have we lost the direction? Don’t be afraid of Failure. Failure is part of growth. As we age, new complexities pertaining to life surround us. The ability to seek opportunities followed by an optimistic approach to life challenges is what makes life worth living. Always remember, nothing worth having comes easy. And a life worth having wouldn’t conveniently be handed to us without a price. The pessimist in this case, would often complain about the monotonous and dull routine of his/her life. A routine that provokes stress and anxiety in times of difficulties. But is complaining a solid solution to our problems?

Today, we will share with you a story. A story of a person who was struck down violently with tremendous force not once but several times, not for days or months but for years. To write about the heroic tales of survival, claiming how a particular person encountered hardships and predicaments and successfully landed upon solid grounds of peace by overcoming the difficulties he was struck by, is extremely easy. It is easy to jot down mans journey through failure and success on a piece of paper, but to feel the intensity of the situation itself, is something you and I will miserably fail to do.

Why not try to imagine yourself in a situation where you’ve quit school at the age a tender age of 15, on account of financial limitations. You are devoid of an education, and the basic resources to use your mind to its full capacity. You go on to start a small scale candy business and struggle for 6 years before having to close it down? At the age of thirty, (where most of us imagine ourselves living a fairly decent ,well-settled married life) you are absolutely broke and penniless, on account of which, you return to your hometown where further experiments continue to bring you down and you incessantly suffer from failure. Do think, reader, have you given up yet?

This is the story of the illustrious Mr. Milton. We’re sure the bells haven’t rung so far? Mr. Milton Hersheys. The man who managed to build an Empire on chocolate and established a reputation allowing Hersheys to be one of the leading chocolate brands even today. His successes are cherished world over. A man who was born in a small town in rural Pennsylvania in 1857. He initiated and executed the plan to form a company devoid of any expertise especially considering how he was competing with Swiss giants at a time where access to information was extremely limited. Several years had elapsed till he finally formulated and produced his first Hersheys bar, the rest is history.

Milton Hershey The Man Who Never Stopped Trying!


Today, we are fortunate and privileged to avail the luxuries of information technology yet most of us fail to have the stamina of enduring failures similar to those faced by some of the most successful entrepreneurs of the past. Does this particular luxury contribute to our lackadaisical approaches? Would we be ignorantly heading towards a higher horizon or would we be leaning towards the negative gradient? Before the age of thirty, one should have the final answers pertaining to their goals and approaches. To fail multiple times, should strengthen us instead of weakening us. Every time we fail, we are one step closer to winning!