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The man behind Nike's Slogan

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Just do it by Nike, is the ultimate tagline that has gained profound success. What is a tagline, anyway? To answer the question, it is a short line, or a few words that represent the soul of your brand. Or are associated with your brand. A tag line must be short, dramatic, and easy to remember! Undoubtedly, a tagline, is as an integral part of a brand image whereby the brand equity highly depends upon. “Just Do It” by Nike is a slogan that recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. Perhaps it serves to be the final great tagline, in the history of branding and advertisement. The tagline, received the brilliant status of it being one of the best known taglines of the 20th century. That is quite a record and quite an achievement. However, the real question that comes to mind is, how this tagline came into existence and who was the genius behind it? Well, As the need to brand the company had arisen, Nike’s team successfully outsourced its branding services to a company called 'Wieden & Kennedy'. Mr Dan Wieden recently admitted himself, that the concept of the tagline for Nike had been triggered by inspiration from a murderer. That's right, a murderer, or his last words. Utah Killer Gary Gilmore, was the murderer, whose last words were “Let’s do this” as he suffered from an encounter by the firing squad before he died. This, readers, is the bizarre truth. Many ideas, or most ideas, rather, that have served to be powerfully successful have encountered their inception through strange coincidences. In reality, it is the ability to brand and market these aspects that have led to success. Stated above, is a brief story about how Nike’s tagline identified with its inception. Today, several debates take place pertaining to the tagline of Nike being grammatically questionable, or not up to the mark. However, the bottom-line is, the branding efforts that were invested by the company aided the process of brand building and today the company indulges in a status that no one can change and disregard despite the critics’ allegations and opinions.