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The Story of Red Bull

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Most success stories don’t come up as a result of tedious planning and market analysis rather some ideas just click. The story of various brands revolves around this simple stroke of luck and timely opportunity seeking. A simple concept that is summarized in one word – Entrepreneurship. Mr Mateschitz, was in Thailand back in 1984 when he needed to buy a tonic drink. The drink he attained from the pharmacy didn’t taste as good as his expectations however it did manage to cure his jet lag. He discussed with a colleague in Thailand who happened to own a beverage company to introduce the product in the west, and together the need to brand arose. The drink was named “Krating Daeng” in Thailand that translated “Red Water Buffalo” to which they branded it “Red Bull” for the western markets. A simple idea that clicked followed by the need and ability to brand is what created the slim blue and silver can that went on to sell 4 billion cans a year globally. Redbull doesn’t taste as well, however, the deliberate marketing and brand equity is what has made it a global success. The branding strategy of red bull revolves around the brand perception – self-confident, unpredictable and non-conformist. It was Mr Mateschitz knowledge and foresight that allowed him to see the need to brand his product adequately in order for it to sell and thus he dedicated 30% of his revenues in brand building highlighting the significance of branding efforts in the industry.